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Fund Summary
Features Description
Name of the Fund Shanta First Income Unit Fund
Nature Open-end Fund
Life & size of the Fund Perpetual life and unlimited size
Sponsor & Asset Management Shanta Asset Management Limited(SAML)
Trustee Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.(BGIC)
Custodian Brac Bank Limited
Initial Size of the Fund BDT 20,00,00,000 (Taka Twenty Crore) divided into 2,00,00,000 (Two Crore) units of BDT 10 (Taka Ten) each.
Face value BDT 10/- of one unit each
Objective To provide attractive return to the unit holders through achieving capital appreciation as well as earning dividend income and building up reserves.
Minimum Subscription 500 Units per application for individuals 5,000 Units per application for institutions (Not applicable for SIP Investors)
Target Group Individuals –both resident and non-resident, institutions–both local and foreign, registered mutual funds, collective investment schemes, trusts and societies/foundations are eligible to apply for investing in the Fund.
Dividend Being an ‘Income Fund’, the Fund shall distribute at least 70% of realized 'Annual Income' of the Fund as dividend in Bangladeshi Taka or CIP (if requested by the investor) only net of provisions in each accounting year.
Dividend Distribution The dividend warrant will be distributed within 45 (forty-five) days from the date of declaration.
Transferability The Units of the Fund are transferable by way of inheritance/ gift and/ or by specific operation of the law.
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) facility Systematic Investment Plan or SIP allows investor to invest a certain predetermined amount at a regular interval (monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.). SIP is a planned approach towards investments and helps to inculcate the habit of saving and building wealth for the future. Investor can start SIP with a very small amount i.e. minimum BDT 1,000 or any multiple of BDT 500/1,000.
Surrender and Encashment The unit holders can surrender and encash their unit certificates through the Asset Management Company or through the selling agents appointed by the AMC during the business hours as specified by the Asset Management Company.
Accounts and information The unit holders of the Fund are entitled to receive the audited Annual Reports of the Fund along with the yearly, half-yearly and quarterly statements of accounts.Weekly NAV of the Fund will be published in the newspapers and in the website of the SAML.
Tax Benefit Income from the Mutual Fund up to BDT 25,000.00 is exempted from tax according to the 6th Schedule, Part A under Income Tax Ordinance, 1984.
Allowable / Eligible Investment Investment in the Mutual Fund will qualify for investment tax credit according to the Section 44(2) under Income Tax Ordinance, 1984
Buy And Sale Rate
The Units of Shanta First Income Unit Fund may be bought/surrendered through Shanta Asset
Management Limited (SAML) and authorized selling agents appointed by SAML at the following price:

Per Unit Buy or Sale (Surrender) price of Shanta First Income Unit Fund for Regular Investors:

  NAV Calculation Date   NAV* (BDT)  per unit
  (At market price)
  Buy Price (BDT)   Sale Price (BDT)    Effective Date
22nd August 2019 10.66 10.66 10.66 25th August 2019 to
29th August 2019
Notification: Regarding redemption of unit holders:  
In case of redemption, the prevailed NAV when the investor sends the surrender form properly signed by the investor or both investors (in case of joint account) will be considered as the redemption price. Once any investor or investors submit their redemption form, that respective investor or investors cannot revoke the redemption application.