Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

SIP is a safer investment tool that helps you to invest a certain amount of money on a monthly or quarterly basis. It is a convenient and flexible investment scheme which enables you to gain higher returns over a considerable time horizon by consequentially actuating you to reach your financial goals.

Benefits of SIP

SIP helps you to save money at regular intervals as per your convenience. This forms a disciplined habit for long-term wealth creation.

Creates the Habit of Investment

SIP helps you to save at regular intervals as per your convenience which makes a discipline habit for long term wealth creation.

Magic of Compounding Effect

As you invest in small amounts at regular intervals for a long period of time, the interest you earn from your investment will be reinvested, which will augment your total wealth. Thus, the power of compounding will work in your best interests.

Makes Market Timing Irrelevant

SIP enables you to overcome the confusion of determining the right time for making investments. SIP incorporates the practice of routine investment, regardless of the state of the market. This makes market timing irrelevant, thereby possibly reducing your worries about investing in volatile markets.

Start with a Meagre Amount

The minimum required amount for commencing investment through SIP is BDT 1,000 only.

How to Start Investing through SIP?

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