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Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle formed with a pool of capital contributed to by a number of investors who share common financial goals. The money collected from the investors is then invested in the capital market instruments, with the objective to generate significant returns. The income from cash dividends and realization of capital appreciation is then shared with the unit holders in proportion to their invested amount in the fund. Efficiently managed Mutual Funds are very lucrative investment opportunities for investors where a team of professional fund managers and research team manage the funds on behalf of the investors.
We offer investment solutions for individual and institutions through different types of Mutual Funds. SAML’s highly professional team has a dynamic approach to ensuring long-term growth for our investors. Our dynamic investment strategy is developed by a team of highly experienced fund management professionals, supported by a strong research team to ensure the best risk adjusted return for our investors.
Institutional Fund Management

Generally, institutions may find it challenging to manage funds on their own as their primary focus is on their core business, as it should be. Moreover, the lack of adequate professional resources for fund management and not being able to consistently engage in capital market research may hinder the institutional fund’s performance in the long run.

At SAML, we offer customized Institutional Fund Management services to generate superior returns based on clients’ investment objectives and risk appetites. Our first investment is in carefully understanding your objectives. We take the time to get to know our clients’ circumstances, risk profiles and ambitions. We take into account factors such as your investment horizon, your risk tolerance and your income objectives. Along with our equity research team, we then actively develop a portfolio based on these factors. Moreover, we work to proactively rebalance the portfolio from time to time in order to consistently generate the best possible risk adjusted returns for your institution.