What We Offer

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle formed with a pool of capital, contributed by several investors who share common financial goals. The money collected from the investors is then invested in the capital market and money market instruments with a view to generating significant returns. After that, the collective return from the total investment is distributed among the investors in the form of dividend and capital gain. Efficiently managed mutual funds provide significantly lucrative investment opportunities to investors, where a team of professional fund managers and researchers manage the funds on behalf of their investors.

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Institutional Fund Management

Generally, institutions may find it challenging to manage funds on their own, provided that their primary focus lies on their core business module, which it should be. What is more, the inadequacy of professional resources for fund management and the inability to conduct consistent capital market research may stifle an institutional fund’s progress in the long run. At SAML, we offer customized in...

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Corporate Advisory

As your business grows, your priorities evolve, and so do your strategies. Whether we are aiming for an organic expansion, moving towards forming a merger, being acquired or attracting potential buyers; our corporate advisory team possesses the right experience, judgment, and resources to bolster our and our investors’ aspiration.

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